What You Need to Know About Capricorn

Sometimes shyness is confused with arrogance. However, if you practice patience, the person will open up over time 

Everything you always wanted to know about Capricorn: These are the characteristics of the zodiac sign

The Capricorn born at the turn of the year is a very thoughtful character. Born between December 22nd and January 20th, Capricorn is thoughtful and down-to-earth, in keeping with the season. Acting out of an emotion is one of the rarer faux pas.

Character traits of the Capricorn-born

The Capricorn has a very controlled character. A sense of responsibility and performance is his first priority. It is therefore no wonder that the ambitious Capricorn always takes responsibility for himself, his tasks, and his fellow men. Like its zodiac sign, the Capricorn only knows the way up and is always on a firm footing.

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Strengths of the Capricorn zodiac sign

The Capricorn knows no boundaries. Persistently and full of ambition he fights for his goals and if it takes longer he waits patiently. The Capricorn prepares itself strategically and thoroughly for its tasks, without typically losing sight of the realistic and essential, and becomes creative at times. His strength lies in being able to deliver consistently over a long period of time. To rush to get to your goal faster is not his style.

The zodiac sign Capricorn is conscious of tradition and goes straight through life and is therefore often perceived as serious. The Capricorn sees loyalty to his loved ones as well as his principles and values ​​as his duty.

Capricorn’s weaknesses and quirks

Anyone who has a Capricorn in their immediate environment knows how to appreciate the Capricorn’s characteristics, but also knows how exhausting it can be. The typical Capricorn likes to live on authoritarian terms and not only pedantically control his own life, but also that of his surroundings.

Discussing with the Capricorn leads nowhere, after all, he is narrow-minded and stubborn. Often he lives in his own reality. The typical Capricorn deliberately avoids social interaction. Especially in the presence of strangers, the Capricorn zodiac sign is unsociable and aloof. He, therefore, appears stiff in his environment.

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