The Dronan irish band

Dronan Irish Traditional Music

dronan irish band

Drónán (pronounced as in “drone on”) is a band from Barcelona, Spain, that drink from the endless source of Irish tradition, carefully choosing the tunes to develop sets that suit the characteristics of the performance.

From very melodic tunes played with great care for concerts in auditoriums and theatres, to rhythmic tunes performed with energy for festivals or outdoor shows.

Focusing on the melodies and avoiding modern arrangements, their performances transmit the essence of the old traditional tunes.

Drónán often performs with Nuala irish Dancers ,  offering  a great show of music and dance

A quartet of experienced players coming together to delve into the riches of the musical tradition of Ireland and thereabouts: Irish pipes, flute, tenor banjo and piano are the chief weapons, though the band’s members also can produce a few whistles, a mandolin, a concertina, and a bodhran from time to time to broaden the sound palette.

Thus armed, they venture down the highways and byways of Irish traditional music, with arrangements that probe the potential of the tunes though without ever losing sight of the essence of the tradition.

The result is a musical voyage taking themselves and their audiences on a tour of musical beauty spots discovered and distilled by musicians in times gone by

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