O’Fling Irish band

The O’Fling Irish Band

If you’ve ever been to Ireland, or even if all you know about its music is what you saw in the film Titanic, you’ll know that there is great drive in Irish music, and that it is inexhaustible – like the musicians who play it. In any town or village in Ireland you’ll find local musicians playing their hearts out in people’s houses and in the bars. Just for fun. And for the glow the music brings to the evening and to their lives.

That is what O’Fling is about:

four friends who just love to play jigs and reels, playing them straight, with no additives, no artificial colouring or preservatives. For there is gold in every tune, if you can strike it. And the only way to strike gold is to go for it, again and again, until the vein is located and charted. And this band will go gold-prospecting anywhere: in bars, festivals, concerts, back rooms…. anywhere, that is, except on ocean liners.

O’Fling, apart from being a relatively rare Irish surname and an allusion to a little-cultivated dance genre within Irish music, is a small 4-piece group of traditional music enthusiasts who ply their music in and around Barcelona. They found that their instruments – pipes, banjo, fiddle and bodhran – and their common, energetic approach to the music added up to a good sound, and formed O’Fling as a result, with the mission of taking the pure dance music wherever it would be welcome. So their sets are lean and mean, and apt for any setting from dark village bars to glitzy festival stages. For when the tunes strike up, the immediate setting soon fades into the background: we are in trad territory, and once there, the tunes are their own world.

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