Night around the table imageA full-blown dance band with a dozen musicians armed with all the usual suspects: fiddles, pipes, banjos, flutes, accordions, drums, piano… And the inexhaustible store of Irish traditional dance music to draw on: lively jigs and reels served up in the traditional manner, and interspersed with more reflective tunes to let the players and the dancers get their breath back. All the fun of céilí nights, all the riches of the traditional store of tunes, and the varied soundscape of a large-scale acoustic outfit. more

What’s a ‘Céilí Band’ anyway?

The céilí (Irish) or ceilidh (Scottish English), which is pronounced ‘kay-lee’, was and is a night of music, dance, song, poetry, humour and general merry-making for all the community in Gaelic lands, though today the emphasis is usually on the music and the dancing. The basic dance steps are soon mastered, and so the dancing is by no means for specialists only, though there are specialists, and the same music can also serve for highly specialised displays of ‘step dancing’. The only imperative is for everybody to have a lot of fun, and if that happens, it’s a céilí!

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