Nights Around The Table In Barcelona

Irish Music is alive and well in Barcelons

Irish Traditional Music has been going on in Barcelona for years. A few friends started a session back in the mid 80’s, at a sadly dissapeared bar in the old quarter. Many years and some pubs later, the session is still going on on a regular basis.

Throughout these years, many musicians have joined the session. Some have gone, some have stayed and still attend the session from time to time, and some come religiously once a week to share some tunes and have a good time, which is basically what this is all about.

As a result of playing together for so long, the latter group has developed a common repertoire and a considerable level of competence that allows them to form bands at will whenever the chance arises. Thus, Nights Around the Table was formed. NATT produces pure “session” music, with hardly any arrangements or solos, the same music you would hear in any Irish pub in the world.

NATT has played for dancing groups several times, in parties or weddings, and so the idea of forming a big band that could play in such events came into our heads. That was the seed of the Barcelona Céilí Band.

Finally, the inevitable “magic connection” between some of the musicians and the temptation to fashion more carefully-crafted sets have led to the forming of other off-shoot bands who, like Drónán or O’Fling, while retaining their links with NATT to the full, also work independently on their own bands.

So, whatever kind of Irish tradtional Music is needed, we can provide it with one of these line-ups and, more importantly , we can keep the flame of Irish Music burning in this small corner of the world

How Insurers Defined Flood Damage

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) sets the legal definition of flood damage as a “general and temporary condition where two or more acres of normally dry land or two or more properties are inundated by water or mudflow.” Understanding this definition is important if you’re a homeowner, since your insurance policy may not protect you from all types of water damage your property sustains. Sudden surges of water, sewage back ups, or rain water from a hurricane may all cause your property to flood. However, as we’ll explain below, not all of these conditions will result in what an insurer would define as flood damage. These distinctions become important during the processing of a claim, when your insurer decides what is and isn’t covered by your policy.

How Does Flood Damage Differ From Other Types of Water Damage?
  • vs Sudden or Accidental Discharge
  • vs Sewer backup or water backup
  • vs Storm/Hurricane Damage

How Does Flood Damage Differ From Other Types of Water Damage?

Though many types of water damage can affect your home, insurers are specific about what constitutes flood damage. The most common categories of water related damage include those arising from a sudden discharge, sewage/water backup or a storm or hurricane. By contrast, falling mud from a landslide is not considered flood damage. On the other hand, mudflows, such as those originating from nearby rivers, are covered by flood insurance.

These distinctions can become quite nuanced. Your best course of action is to find out what hazards constitute the biggest risks in your area, then discuss those with an insurance agent to ascertain what would and wouldn’t be covered under a policy. A local professional flood damage restoration company can help you through the insurance process.

Type of Water Damage

What Type of Insurance Do You Need?

  • Flood Damage: Damage that occurs when a normally dry land, two acres in size, becomes inundated by water or mudflow.  (Flood Insurance)
  • Sudden water discharge: A sudden water event that affected your home or the immediate surrounding area. (e.g. sprinkler system activating) (Homeowners/Renters Insurance)
  • Sewer/Water Backup: Water damage resulting from a below-ground water feature leaking. (Special Sewer and Water Backup Coverage)
  • Storm/Hurricane: Natural weather events with heavy rainfall and winds. (Homeowners/Renters Insurance will cover damage so long as water doesn’t cover over 2 acres of normally dry land.)


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Skincare overview
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Barcelona Irish Night Life

Irish Music Is Alive in Barcelona Spain

Barcelona irish Pybs

You’re a long way from Dublin, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a great pint of Guinness and meet some friendly like-minded drinkers and thinkers. We reveal the best of Barcelona’s Irish and British boozers.

Greats beers, tasty grub, live football and sports on TV, friendly faces, English-speaking staff and even the odd dartboard – it’s not a secret formula but you can see why British and Irish pubs are popular the world over. And that great bastion of civilised society can be found in plentiful numbers in Barcelona – so if you’re tired of drinking beer from teeny Spanish glasses and hanker for a pint of Guinness, ale or a premium lager then you’re in the right city.

Indeed many of Barcelona’s Irish pubs are actually rather nicer than the ones back on the Emerald Isle, with sun-kissed terraces on romantic plazas complementing beautifully decked-out interiors. Ok, some are more your typical dark and dingy dens of inequity, but even these are brimming with character – and characters! Right enough talk… it’s your round.

British & Irish Pubs in Barcelona

Below you’ll find a selection of some of the best British/English, Australian and Irish bars anywhere in the Catalan capital; or else go to our drink section and search by ‘pub’ for even more options.

Flaherty’s Irish Pub

Easily one of Barna’s best Irish bars, Flaherty’s has got it all going for it. A great variety of booze on tap, such as Guinness, Kilkenny and Hoegaarden, an extensive menu of superior snacks and hearty meals, six screens showing every sporting event you can think of, a pool table, and even its own little plaza at the bottom of Las Ramblas – where you can drink in the sun along with your cerveza. Nice and civilised by day, with folk enjoying coffee, newspapers and wifi, or maybe a beer and some sport, by night things heat up considerably with Beer Pong tournaments (Thursdays), Ladies Night (Fridays) and regular parties, live music and special events – all usually accompanied by generous drinks promotions! And if you have no special plans for Sunday be sure to pop down for their homemade roast lunch, served from 1pm.
Placa Joaquim Xirau


The city’s oldest Gaelic boozer, open now for twenty years, Shenanigans definitely feels a little more genteel and sophisticated than some of its kin. Maybe it’s the old-style partitioned booths? Or could it be the illustrated anthology of Yeats, or the dusty typewriter in the cabinet (along with a set of garden bowls)? Whatever the reason this is a delightfully highbrow place to relax with a pint of Murphys, Guinness, or even Manchester Bitter. And in fact you can put your grey matter to the test against other drinker-thinkers every Thursday during their weekly pub quiz starting at 9pm. Sports fans will also appreciate the five TVs screening the latest action.

The Wild Rover

If you’re the kind of person who likes to ‘spend all their money on whiskey and beer’ then simply roam across the Ramblas to discover this authentic Irish watering hole. It’s got an unbeatable programme of live sports and concerts. The former are shown on a total of eight TVs, including two wall-sized screens, the latter take place every Thursday to Sunday night and get the crowd clapping and stomping along to folk favourites and pop covers. The 16 beers on tap include Guinness (obviously!), Kilkenny, Murphys, Becks, BrewDog Punk IPA, plus you can get a pint of Magners cider too. The burgers are lip-smackingly good and there’s plenty of good cheer and good craic amongst the clientele.
C/Santa Monica 2

Belushi’s Bar

If you like sports and friendly international faces but don’t care if you never see another Leprechaun or Shamrock clover in your life, then you might like Belushi’s Bar, which has all the ingredients of great pub (huge TV screens, generous drinks promos, tasty burgers and other lipsmacking grub) minus the cliched symbols of the Emerald Isle. With a youth hostel right above it, expect to find yourself drinking with a young and crazy crowd from all over the world.
C/Bergara 3

Kennedy Irish Sailing Club

A rather refined, wood-panelled Irish pub on the Port Olimpic, Kennedy’s is a great place to relax with a Magners or Rekorderlig cider on their summer terrace with maritime views directly over the harbour, and also great to swing by for the big match on their plasma screens and projector (particularly handy if you’ve been sunbathing on the adjacent beaches during the day but want to sneak off to watch kick off at 4pm!). They like to ramp things up a notch or five at night, so turn up at the witching hour (midnight!) for live music Thursday to Sunday. Their well stocked bar includes lots of tasty draught beers, and more whiskeys than you can get through in a weekend… was that a challenge?
Moll Mestral 26-28

O’Fling Irish band

The O’Fling Irish Band

If you’ve ever been to Ireland, or even if all you know about its music is what you saw in the film Titanic, you’ll know that there is great drive in Irish music, and that it is inexhaustible – like the musicians who play it. In any town or village in Ireland you’ll find local musicians playing their hearts out in people’s houses and in the bars. Just for fun. And for the glow the music brings to the evening and to their lives.

That is what O’Fling is about:

four friends who just love to play jigs and reels, playing them straight, with no additives, no artificial colouring or preservatives. For there is gold in every tune, if you can strike it. And the only way to strike gold is to go for it, again and again, until the vein is located and charted. And this band will go gold-prospecting anywhere: in bars, festivals, concerts, back rooms…. anywhere, that is, except on ocean liners.

O’Fling, apart from being a relatively rare Irish surname and an allusion to a little-cultivated dance genre within Irish music, is a small 4-piece group of traditional music enthusiasts who ply their music in and around Barcelona. They found that their instruments – pipes, banjo, fiddle and bodhran – and their common, energetic approach to the music added up to a good sound, and formed O’Fling as a result, with the mission of taking the pure dance music wherever it would be welcome. So their sets are lean and mean, and apt for any setting from dark village bars to glitzy festival stages. For when the tunes strike up, the immediate setting soon fades into the background: we are in trad territory, and once there, the tunes are their own world.

The Dronan irish band

Dronan Irish Traditional Music

dronan irish band

Drónán (pronounced as in “drone on”) is a band from Barcelona, Spain, that drink from the endless source of Irish tradition, carefully choosing the tunes to develop sets that suit the characteristics of the performance.

From very melodic tunes played with great care for concerts in auditoriums and theatres, to rhythmic tunes performed with energy for festivals or outdoor shows.

Focusing on the melodies and avoiding modern arrangements, their performances transmit the essence of the old traditional tunes.

Drónán often performs with Nuala irish Dancers ,  offering  a great show of music and dance

A quartet of experienced players coming together to delve into the riches of the musical tradition of Ireland and thereabouts: Irish pipes, flute, tenor banjo and piano are the chief weapons, though the band’s members also can produce a few whistles, a mandolin, a concertina, and a bodhran from time to time to broaden the sound palette.

Thus armed, they venture down the highways and byways of Irish traditional music, with arrangements that probe the potential of the tunes though without ever losing sight of the essence of the tradition.

The result is a musical voyage taking themselves and their audiences on a tour of musical beauty spots discovered and distilled by musicians in times gone by