Nights Around The Table In Barcelona

Irish Music is alive and well in Barcelons

Irish Traditional Music has been going on in Barcelona for years. A few friends started a session back in the mid 80’s, at a sadly dissapeared bar in the old quarter. Many years and some pubs later, the session is still going on on a regular basis.

Throughout these years, many musicians have joined the session. Some have gone, some have stayed and still attend the session from time to time, and some come religiously once a week to share some tunes and have a good time, which is basically what this is all about.

As a result of playing together for so long, the latter group has developed a common repertoire and a considerable level of competence that allows them to form bands at will whenever the chance arises. Thus, Nights Around the Table was formed. NATT produces pure “session” music, with hardly any arrangements or solos, the same music you would hear in any Irish pub in the world.

NATT has played for dancing groups several times, in parties or weddings, and so the idea of forming a big band that could play in such events came into our heads. That was the seed of the Barcelona Céilí Band.

Finally, the inevitable “magic connection” between some of the musicians and the temptation to fashion more carefully-crafted sets have led to the forming of other off-shoot bands who, like Drónán or O’Fling, while retaining their links with NATT to the full, also work independently on their own bands.

So, whatever kind of Irish tradtional Music is needed, we can provide it with one of these line-ups and, more importantly , we can keep the flame of Irish Music burning in this small corner of the world

Are You Risking The Relationship for the Sale — And Then Losing the Sale Anyway?

Losing a sale can be disheartening, especially if you lose it for reasons you aren’t even aware of. You can risk the relationship and lose the sale, but with a different sales mindset, you don’t risk anything at all — because you can preserve the relationship, and make the sale.


Losing a Sale Hurts

Losing an important sale can really demoralize you. It’s even worse if you don’t know why. Especially if you lose the sale for reasons you aren’t even aware of.

Traditional selling approaches tell us that sales are usually lost because of some element — price, features, benefits — having to do with our product or service.

So, when we sell, we naturally focus on what we’re selling because we feel we have to differentiate our product or service so prospects understand what we’re offering that’s unique.

But…what if focusing all your energy on what you’re selling is actually the main reason?

Why are you losing sales?

“Not possible!” you say. No?

Let’s hear, in my client Ryan’s own words, what happened to him.

His story will help you realize why you may be losing sales without really understanding why.

A Lost Sales Story

Ryan’s story points to a very important lesson: if you don’t have an approach that is a perfect balance of nonaggression and effective penetration of your prospect’s core needs, you’ll end up asking yourself time after time, “Why am I losing sales, and why has selling become so painful?”

You can risk the relationship and lose the sale, but with a different sales mindset, you don’t risk anything at all. Because you can preserve the relationship, and make the sale.

Top 7 Ways Puppy Training Can Help You Lead Your Business

As leaders we always want to improve the performance of our organization. To improve we must release the creativity in our employees, leaders must get involved in their employees’ work. Not everyone knows how to do this, but maybe it isn’t all that different than training a puppy. Following are seven common themes used in training puppies.

1. Have a proper kennel

It should not be too large, just enough space to stand up, turn around and lie down. Most puppies will not soil where they lay. Having too much space in your business attracts waste. Excess inventory, outdated machines, old files, and other junk will soil too large a space.

2. Schedule all feeding times at the same time each day.

Companies through Japan have a practice called the “manager’s walk,” where a manager walks through their area at the same time each day. A theme is selected for each walk, asks questions around the theme and shares information. This is a powerful process leadership uses for learning and sharing information.

3. Spend as much quality time as possible with your new puppy.

This encourages him to do the things you ask of him. To release the creativity in our employees, a leader must get involved in that employee’s work. They must follow up on employee ideas and promote employee involvement in the business.

4. First thing in the morning take your puppy from the kennel.

Walk your puppy to the area you’ve decided will be the place for your puppy to eliminate. If your puppy eliminates then praise and reward him. Your business also needs a consistent startup procedure.  Maybe a quick meeting about what needs to be done today to share a common understanding of today’s goals. Be sure to include a review of some of your employee’s ideas and a plan for how you will challenge your people to improve the business. Also, think of topics for your “manager’s walk.”

5. Proper clean-up is critical to proper housetraining.

A puppy will return to where he has eliminated before if it is not properly cleaned. Your workplace also needs to be properly maintained. Sort through your materials and remove what isn’t needed. Materials that are necessary should be properly stored, so everyone knows where everything goes. Clean equipment, tools and the workplace. This is a foundation for both safety and equipment maintenance.

6. Prevention and positive encouragement are the best ways to teach your puppy.

Once an employee identifies a solution to a problem, put a procedure or fixture in place to prevent the problem from reoccurring. Respond to your people’s ideas. Use praise, show respect, thank them and treat them the way you would like to be treated. See how they ideas can or cannot be implemented and provide positive feedback.

7. Punishment won’t help.

Screaming or hitting will only create fear, confusing and training your puppy to soil when you are not around. Enough said.

How do you become a Audiologist?

How do you become a Audiologist

Audiologists examination hearing and also examine the nature of hearing disorders. They are accountable for the non-medical management and also rehab of hearing loss and also linked conditions of communication. You must be enthusiastic about this type of professional work as it is a lifettime commitment and requires cetain qualifications and on going training throughout your career.

Personal requirement of an Audiologist

  • You must be able to motivate confidence
  • be prepared for teamwork
  • Employ a considerate and also tactful strategy to individuals’s issues
  • Have Good interaction skills Analytical ability
  • Education and learning & Training for a Audiologist

To become an audiologist you typically have to study  related topics suc as biomedicine, biological science, health and wellness scientific research or a relevant area at college, which can issue postgraduate certification in audiology.

To get into the level training courses you usually need to acquire your GCSE at higher levels such as A level in at least 2 subjects.
To further enhance your qualification in the future you may need to access postgraduate programs which means you will  need to have completed bachelor degree in audiology or a related health sector. Universities have various prerequisites as well as some have adaptable access demands or offer outside study.
Get in touch with the establishments you have an interest in to learn more.

Additional Details

Before taking on an Audiology or health related position course, students will need to get a Batchelor Degree and Supply First Aid Certificate as well as immunisations, as well as go through a Collaborating with Children Inspection and verification process.

Contact the institutions you want to find out more about. Graduates are eligible for full membership of Audiology. A Certificate of Scientific Technique  which is acknowledged by the standards for carrying out the medical practice of audiology in UK.

Professional certificates call for at the very least a 1 year of post graduate work in a registered practice under the supervision of a suitably qualifd and approved proactitioner.

Contact The Microsuction Earwax removal Network for details on how this works in the UK.

Obligations & Jobs of a Audiologist

Audiologists: – establish a client’s problems with hearing as well as listening by performing interviews and examining history details – evaluate the extent of hearing loss and place of the issue utilising a variety of methods, consisting of audio-metric examinations such as air and bone conduction tests – record results of assessment as well as screening in writing and make recommendations to doctors – supply recovery programs, such as counselling and also assistance, for the hearing-impaired as well as their households – analyze hearing degrees of employees, such as pilots or members of the armed forces – suggest, fit as well as examine hearing aids and other devices, such as cochlear implants – supply training in interaction methods such as lip reading and also in the use of acoustic and other gadgets – conduct follow-up appointments after listening to aids have been fitted to make sure clients obtain the clearest amplification – aid with the development and management of sound control and hearing conservation methods in industry.

Operating problems for a Audiologist

Audiologists liaise with various other wellness specialists such as otologists (ear experts), speech pathologists, psycho therapists as well as physicians, along with team in educational settings. They might travel to nation locations where there are no resident audiologists.

Employment Opportunities for a Audiologist

Audiologists are utilized mainly as independent practitioners but can also work the health sector at, major hospitals, community health centres or in scholastic research or mentor settings. They commonly work in association with doctors specialising in ear, nose as well as throat disorders. Job opportunity are likewise offered secretive technique, along with in special education or commercial audiology. Demand depends on elements such as population growth, the ageing of the population, public sector financing and policies influencing the price of services to customers. There are possibilities for part-time work.

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Christian T-shirts


Whilst browsing on the net with the very best  I had been amazed to view a lot of distinct options and websitesThe highest site on most of my searches was C-28. They ended up adopted intently by Kerusso and NOTW (Not of the Earth).

These are all terrific websites and also have lots of various types of Christian Apparel to select from but as you know when selecting a Christian clothing choice I have acquired to throw in a very little bit of evangelism. What is using donning a Christian t-shirt that screams, “I have Jesus…and you really don’t.” No surprise people outside the house the faith are not preventing to receive in.

The church to be a entire has no real electrical power, (some would argue we’ve some political electric power but is the fact that what Jesus needs for being identified for?) I speaking blind eyes openheal the sickincrease the dead power…Now that will draw a crowd so you it’s possible then you certainly come up with a Christian t-shirt having said that, “Yea, I’m the man that employed Jesus’ name to boost the uselessStick to me to find out what is heading to occur tonight”.

The word of God

Bear in mind you triumph over Satan via the blood on the Lamb, the term of your respective testimony as well as a sacrificial life style.
Right here is what we consider is our initial phasethink the word of GodDetect I didn’t say believe that what I feel or any one else thinks…no, I claimedget to know the word of God.

Right here will be the section that can mess with the head, Jesus could be the word of God. The nearer you receive to Jesus, the nearer you will get to your Fact (which can be also Jesus)
Until eventually up coming time, don’t forget: You overcome Satan from the blood from the Lamb plus the term within your testimony, and by getting a living sacrifice. Revelation 12:11

When you observe within the previously mentioned photograph, these footwear experienced shoe strings, which implies anyone had to tie them. Wow, when i looked down through the assembly a hurry of thoughts came to visit me. The 1st was humiliation, next arrived disgrace, then I became self-centered. This all took place in a blink of the eye and that i recall my brain drifting to just what the other gentlemen ended up wondering or what they would consider, if they all found out what an fool appeared like.

The Holy Spirit stepped back again in to the mix and jogged my memory this assembly wasn’t about me, the boys had been listed here to worship and praise Jesus. What a revelation, when my entire psychological environment was starting up to spin away from control, the simple mention of Jesus’ title brought every thing back again into viewpoint.




Get A Kick Out Of Anna Maria Island With A 2 Bed Space Trip Rental

Usually described as the “Dream Town”, Anna Maria is really a barrier island located along the west coast of Florida near Manatee County. For many years, it has in fact wound up being a tourist preferred due to the fact that of its close proximity to many fantastic areas. There are also lots of close-by islands that should have a check out while in the location, including Key Royale and Longboat Key. The 3 cities on the island are Anna Maria(Dream Town), Holmes Beach, and Bradenton Beach. The entire island has a combined population of around 8,500. 

The gorgeous beaches, close by tourist attractions, and low population density make this an excellent place to see on vacation. You can experience all of the elegance of a Florida vacation without feeling crowded by many teens partying on the beach. There are a couple of hotels and resorts on the island, however the absolute best technique to enjoy your journey is with a 2 bed room apartment or condo getaway leasing on Anna Maria Island. 

Great deals of travelers opt for the hotels and resorts due to the fact that they simply do not comprehend how to find the right holiday leasing. Perhaps they have actually attempted handling a getaway home supervisor in the past, however without the results, they were trying to find. In fact, this is a more effective option referred to as FindRentals.com

Discover Leasings is a company that works directly with the domestic or industrial home supervisors in your location. They gather listings from all of the most trustworthy holiday homeowner in the area and after that organize those listings on their site. You can find a 2 bedroom condominium trip rental on Anna Maria Island in a matter of minutes by utilizing their online search function. And they have listings in a number of other vacation destinations also. 

If you ‘ve never ever visited Anna Maria Island, then you are losing out on an exceptional trip. Technique a see this summer and use the Find Rentals search function to locate the 2 bed room vacation renting of your dreams. 

Anna Maria Island Airport

Anna Maria can’t be a host to a big airport as the island is just 7 miles in length. Lengthy boat travel was the only manner in which individuals might in reality reach the island prior to a bridge was set up in the 1920s. At this time there are two bridges that lead the mainland to the island. There’s only a single primary road that ranges from north-to-south on the island. The street that links the Manatee County transit system to the mainland is likewise served by a bus that remains in the trolley-style. 

Out-of-state visitors will do best flying to the island, and after that either deciding to use a car rental service or any type of public transportation. The reality that the island is so little means that you do not need to schedule a lorry. However if you do plan on leasing a vehicle, then you must do so at the airport you where you land due to the reality that they tend to have the best rates. 

The Orlando International Airport (MCO), the Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport (SRQ), and the Tampa International Airport (TPA) are the 3 airports used to get to Anna Maria Island. At simply thirty-minutes away for the majority of individuals, SRQ is the closest of the 3 airports. 

It takes around 2 hours and Thirty minutes to travel to the MCO airport, but along the method to the island, you will see a range of the very best traveler attractions coming from Florida. For a fully pleasurable journey, it’s an outstanding choice. In between these two is TPA, thought about the point of being midway. You will get to pass over the Skyway Bridge when you take this around one hour drive. 

Where To Get Some Food

As soon as you have actually settled the info when it concerns where you will remain and how you strategy to arrive you can make the effort to pick what you want to do. The good news is, there is no lack of traveler destinations to see, engaging things to do, and locations to grab a yummy bite to consume located on the island. Here is a variety of the most popular areas to get a bite on Anna Maria. 

If you are looking for a comfortable and unique French dining establishment see the French Table. Including real French and European meals, the setting is extremely intimate. With the capability to enjoy the sundown while enjoying fantastic dining, lots of travelers have in fact favorited this restaurant that functions an amazing setting. 

It can’t be argued that Ginny’s and Jane E’s Coffee shop and Coastal Shop is the ideal area to enjoy an island lunch. It’s the best place for those wanting to attempt affordable local food. Here, you will discover a few of the very best sandwiches and beer that can be taken pleasure in on the island. Possibilities are, you’ll find yourself consuming here more than when throughout your stay. 

Among the fantastic functions of Anna Maria Island is that it unifies a lot of tastes from around the world. One wonderful example of this would be The Old Hamburg Schnitzelhaus. It may be among the absolute best places to opt for German and Austrian food in the entire state. The majority of their dishes are hard to pronounce, such as the Gulaschsuppe and the kartoffelpuffer, however they taste extraordinary. And you can total your meal with the best apple strudel you ‘ve ever taken in. 

It simply isn’t done when it refer to visiting an island without trying the local seafood. That’s why Consume Here should be near the top of the list of locations to consume. Their self-confidence, which they certainly have really made, has actually been shown in their name. A big quantity of their food is affordable and sourced in your location. 

Schedule a tourYou’ll find a menu with gourmet entrees, tasty burgers, fresh salads and delicious desserts. Tarpon Pointe offers live music from local bands, 13 flatscreens, sand volleyball on Wednesdays, sunset cruises, and private parties. You’ll enjoy waterfront dining with dockside seating and elegant atmosphere at River House Reef & Grill. While you dine on fresh seafood, certified Angus steaks and burgers, lobster pot pie, and Cajun crawfish, you can watch playful dolphins and manatees that frequent the boating docks. River House features daily happy hours with coconut shrimp appetizers and margaritas, as well Sunday brunch. Pier 22 offers elegant indoor and casual, outdoor waterfront dining with a beautiful Manatee River view. They have an extensive menu with fresh seafood dishes, sushi, Angus steaks, poultry, fresh salads, and decadent desserts. You can choose an elegant ballroom setting, a casual patio atmosphere, or relaxing views on the Waterfront Terrace. For some of the best fresh seafood in the area, don’t miss Blu Mangrove Grill where you’ll enjoy fresh lobster, oysters Rockerfeller, Prince Edward Island Mussels, scampi, calamari and a seafood raw bar. Along with a variety of side dishes and homemade desserts, Blu Mangrove has an extensive wine and beer list and incredible waterfront views that provide the perfect boating dock and dine experience. Snead Island Crab & Fish House offers casual atmosphere, a small restaurant that serves a variety of fresh seafood, and a unique seafood market. Specialties include crab and lobster, seabass, calamari, mussels, oysters and fresh fish. For old Florida charm and relaxing atmosphere, you can’t beat this waterfront fish house.



Things you need to know about Influencer Marketing

Nowadays, professional athletes, celebrities and also big numbers in different markets in addition to private people are hooked into the fad of influencer marketing. If you are not in the advertising company, this term is expected to be an unidentified word for you.


You land in this post because it may have fascinated you, or you need to recognize even more about this marketing technique. The bright side is, influencer advertising and marketing is below to stay, at the very least in the meantime. It’s no place that it’s most likely to fade and will not serve.


So, here are the basic things you require to know about the advertising and marketing technique that you can execute in your organization:


What is influencer marketing?


Influencer advertising is the strategy to advertise products and services through making use of “influencers” who have the power to influence people to purchase. They are influencers due to their track record, popularity or experience.


Who are influencers?

Influencers have considerable authority on social media. They can be an individual, team, brand, location or perhaps an animal can be an influencer as long as they are visible and also are famous of what they do.


Today, press release distribution bloggers have ended up being fantastic influencers due to the fact that they have a significant following, and also they are viewed as trusted. When they support a product, people believe them higher than they rely on the brand.


Image result for


Why is influencer advertising important for your brand?


  • It’s cost-effective.

A recent survey by Bloglovin discovered that 36 percent invest much less than $5K per marketing project, while 24 percent of brand names spend less than $10K. Influencer advertising and marketing is an excellent way to begin your campaign due to the fact that there are no typical rates, providing organizations extra cost savings on their investment, however much better return-on-investment.


Some influencers consent to team up due to the fact that it likewise helps their appeal. Occasionally, they do not accept financial payment; instead, they accept free product and services or love the experience. Other influencers are okay with a deal of performance-based rates, while some agree with a flat rate.


  • It’s more authentic.

When you promote on the television, customers are not persuaded how useful the items are. They are smarter now since they understand you can edit video clips, photos as well as even modify the appearances of the designs showing up on display.


Nevertheless, when influencers utilize their products, people see them much more authentic as well as dependable since they regard them as an as good example. Today, people believe individuals whom they appreciate as well as trust higher than brand names.


  • Boosts your brand photo.

One more effect of influencer advertising is it helps you to have a much better image. In 2017, there’s no reason you will undoubtedly miss social media as your advertising and marketing approach.


When you are present in various social networks, more people are familiar with you and trust your brand. It also aids you to get to a lot more traffic, far better SEO and also builds much better connections with your target markets.


Approaches That You Must Know When Implementing Influencer Advertising And Marketing:


  • Choose relevant influencers to your brand name.

  • Build partnership with influencers.

  • Take into consideration the kind of web content and advertising tool that are convenient for the influencers.

  • Follow the FTC guidelines.

  • Make the material easily accessible.

  • Use other minor social networking sites.


When picking an influencer, you require to include every little thing that you have concurred regarding in the agreement. Unlike traditional advertising and marketing methods, brands do not indeed have much control on the influencers. As a social media figure, they are still free to upload best press release distribution anything they want, which may in some cases break the picture and also the message of the brand name they are advertising.

Is an influence a good fit for you?


The key right here is to do an innovative study before obtaining an influencer. You do not want to get somebody with large fans, including ladies that love classy wears to promote your typical Indian clothing. You’re fizzling here.


Hunt influencers that have a connection to your target market. They may be someone who may not have huge fans, yet have quality followers that are possible to enhance your sales. Do they have fans who are liking, sharing or involving?


Lastly, inspect the type of web content they show their fans. Is it something that is for the general public or unique just for a specific kind of target market? Inspecting these components can indicate a significant influence on your approach.


How Insurers Defined Flood Damage

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) sets the legal definition of flood damage as a “general and temporary condition where two or more acres of normally dry land or two or more properties are inundated by water or mudflow.” Understanding this definition is important if you’re a homeowner, since your insurance policy may not protect you from all types of water damage your property sustains. Sudden surges of water, sewage back ups, or rain water from a hurricane may all cause your property to flood. However, as we’ll explain below, not all of these conditions will result in what an insurer would define as flood damage. These distinctions become important during the processing of a claim, when your insurer decides what is and isn’t covered by your policy.

How Does Flood Damage Differ From Other Types of Water Damage?
  • vs Sudden or Accidental Discharge
  • vs Sewer backup or water backup
  • vs Storm/Hurricane Damage

How Does Flood Damage Differ From Other Types of Water Damage?

Though many types of water damage can affect your home, insurers are specific about what constitutes flood damage. The most common categories of water related damage include those arising from a sudden discharge, sewage/water backup or a storm or hurricane. By contrast, falling mud from a landslide is not considered flood damage. On the other hand, mudflows, such as those originating from nearby rivers, are covered by flood insurance.

These distinctions can become quite nuanced. Your best course of action is to find out what hazards constitute the biggest risks in your area, then discuss those with an insurance agent to ascertain what would and wouldn’t be covered under a policy. A local professional flood damage restoration company can help you through the insurance process.

Type of Water Damage

What Type of Insurance Do You Need?

  • Flood Damage: Damage that occurs when a normally dry land, two acres in size, becomes inundated by water or mudflow.  (Flood Insurance)
  • Sudden water discharge: A sudden water event that affected your home or the immediate surrounding area. (e.g. sprinkler system activating) (Homeowners/Renters Insurance)
  • Sewer/Water Backup: Water damage resulting from a below-ground water feature leaking. (Special Sewer and Water Backup Coverage)
  • Storm/Hurricane: Natural weather events with heavy rainfall and winds. (Homeowners/Renters Insurance will cover damage so long as water doesn’t cover over 2 acres of normally dry land.)


Barcelona Irish Night Life

Irish Music Is Alive in Barcelona Spain

Barcelona irish Pybs

You’re a long way from Dublin, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a great pint of Guinness and meet some friendly like-minded drinkers and thinkers. We reveal the best of Barcelona’s Irish and British boozers.

Greats beers, tasty grub, live football and sports on TV, friendly faces, English-speaking staff and even the odd dartboard – it’s not a secret formula but you can see why British and Irish pubs are popular the world over. And that great bastion of civilised society can be found in plentiful numbers in Barcelona – so if you’re tired of drinking beer from teeny Spanish glasses and hanker for a pint of Guinness, ale or a premium lager then you’re in the right city.

Indeed many of Barcelona’s Irish pubs are actually rather nicer than the ones back on the Emerald Isle, with sun-kissed terraces on romantic plazas complementing beautifully decked-out interiors. Ok, some are more your typical dark and dingy dens of inequity, but even these are brimming with character – and characters! Right enough talk… it’s your round.

British & Irish Pubs in Barcelona

Below you’ll find a selection of some of the best British/English, Australian and Irish bars anywhere in the Catalan capital; or else go to our drink section and search by ‘pub’ for even more options.

Flaherty’s Irish Pub

Easily one of Barna’s best Irish bars, Flaherty’s has got it all going for it. A great variety of booze on tap, such as Guinness, Kilkenny and Hoegaarden, an extensive menu of superior snacks and hearty meals, six screens showing every sporting event you can think of, a pool table, and even its own little plaza at the bottom of Las Ramblas – where you can drink in the sun along with your cerveza. Nice and civilised by day, with folk enjoying coffee, newspapers and wifi, or maybe a beer and some sport, by night things heat up considerably with Beer Pong tournaments (Thursdays), Ladies Night (Fridays) and regular parties, live music and special events – all usually accompanied by generous drinks promotions! And if you have no special plans for Sunday be sure to pop down for their homemade roast lunch, served from 1pm.
Placa Joaquim Xirau


The city’s oldest Gaelic boozer, open now for twenty years, Shenanigans definitely feels a little more genteel and sophisticated than some of its kin. Maybe it’s the old-style partitioned booths? Or could it be the illustrated anthology of Yeats, or the dusty typewriter in the cabinet (along with a set of garden bowls)? Whatever the reason this is a delightfully highbrow place to relax with a pint of Murphys, Guinness, or even Manchester Bitter. And in fact you can put your grey matter to the test against other drinker-thinkers every Thursday during their weekly pub quiz starting at 9pm. Sports fans will also appreciate the five TVs screening the latest action.

The Wild Rover

If you’re the kind of person who likes to ‘spend all their money on whiskey and beer’ then simply roam across the Ramblas to discover this authentic Irish watering hole. It’s got an unbeatable programme of live sports and concerts. The former are shown on a total of eight TVs, including two wall-sized screens, the latter take place every Thursday to Sunday night and get the crowd clapping and stomping along to folk favourites and pop covers. The 16 beers on tap include Guinness (obviously!), Kilkenny, Murphys, Becks, BrewDog Punk IPA, plus you can get a pint of Magners cider too. The burgers are lip-smackingly good and there’s plenty of good cheer and good craic amongst the clientele.
C/Santa Monica 2

Belushi’s Bar

If you like sports and friendly international faces but don’t care if you never see another Leprechaun or Shamrock clover in your life, then you might like Belushi’s Bar, which has all the ingredients of great pub (huge TV screens, generous drinks promos, tasty burgers and other lipsmacking grub) minus the cliched symbols of the Emerald Isle. With a youth hostel right above it, expect to find yourself drinking with a young and crazy crowd from all over the world.
C/Bergara 3

Kennedy Irish Sailing Club

A rather refined, wood-panelled Irish pub on the Port Olimpic, Kennedy’s is a great place to relax with a Magners or Rekorderlig cider on their summer terrace with maritime views directly over the harbour, and also great to swing by for the big match on their plasma screens and projector (particularly handy if you’ve been sunbathing on the adjacent beaches during the day but want to sneak off to watch kick off at 4pm!). They like to ramp things up a notch or five at night, so turn up at the witching hour (midnight!) for live music Thursday to Sunday. Their well stocked bar includes lots of tasty draught beers, and more whiskeys than you can get through in a weekend… was that a challenge?
Moll Mestral 26-28

O’Fling Irish band

The O’Fling Irish Band

If you’ve ever been to Ireland, or even if all you know about its music is what you saw in the film Titanic, you’ll know that there is great drive in Irish music, and that it is inexhaustible – like the musicians who play it. In any town or village in Ireland you’ll find local musicians playing their hearts out in people’s houses and in the bars. Just for fun. And for the glow the music brings to the evening and to their lives.

That is what O’Fling is about:

four friends who just love to play jigs and reels, playing them straight, with no additives, no artificial colouring or preservatives. For there is gold in every tune, if you can strike it. And the only way to strike gold is to go for it, again and again, until the vein is located and charted. And this band will go gold-prospecting anywhere: in bars, festivals, concerts, back rooms…. anywhere, that is, except on ocean liners.

O’Fling, apart from being a relatively rare Irish surname and an allusion to a little-cultivated dance genre within Irish music, is a small 4-piece group of traditional music enthusiasts who ply their music in and around Barcelona. They found that their instruments – pipes, banjo, fiddle and bodhran – and their common, energetic approach to the music added up to a good sound, and formed O’Fling as a result, with the mission of taking the pure dance music wherever it would be welcome. So their sets are lean and mean, and apt for any setting from dark village bars to glitzy festival stages. For when the tunes strike up, the immediate setting soon fades into the background: we are in trad territory, and once there, the tunes are their own world.

The Dronan irish band

Dronan Irish Traditional Music

dronan irish band

Drónán (pronounced as in “drone on”) is a band from Barcelona, Spain, that drink from the endless source of Irish tradition, carefully choosing the tunes to develop sets that suit the characteristics of the performance.

From very melodic tunes played with great care for concerts in auditoriums and theatres, to rhythmic tunes performed with energy for festivals or outdoor shows.

Focusing on the melodies and avoiding modern arrangements, their performances transmit the essence of the old traditional tunes.

Drónán often performs with Nuala irish Dancers ,  offering  a great show of music and dance

A quartet of experienced players coming together to delve into the riches of the musical tradition of Ireland and thereabouts: Irish pipes, flute, tenor banjo and piano are the chief weapons, though the band’s members also can produce a few whistles, a mandolin, a concertina, and a bodhran from time to time to broaden the sound palette.

Thus armed, they venture down the highways and byways of Irish traditional music, with arrangements that probe the potential of the tunes though without ever losing sight of the essence of the tradition.

The result is a musical voyage taking themselves and their audiences on a tour of musical beauty spots discovered and distilled by musicians in times gone by